Just saying ..... but excited

While I remember, my new website is still under construction . . . prints for sale :)

Spread the word,
Oh poop, just when the dust is starting to settle - we have to move. Now to find space for 60+ creatives . . . .

Hi people

Another well overdue blog entry. Even more changes and expansion. Another new arts centre which I hope to have completed in the next few weeks, film work, commercial and private works and commissions.

Currently working a totally new venture - all will be revealed. Meanwhile, you can now find me on a new website which is still to be refined and more content added haydensartworks.com.etsy.com and just opened on society6.com.

Have a peak at a few recent pieces:

Private commission but prints available by arrangement with the owner.

Loki's Sceptre - recent private commission, full size 42cm.

A new range of gift cards. Here is the second design digitally rendered.

Many changes, studio space, projects, short and long term stuff. A recently completed series of commission which I dont have permission to show at the moment.

Better updates and images due soon.
Hi -started sorting a Facebook page for my artworks


Going to be a kind of archival page with sketches, doodles and finished art. Also, stuff I make :)

Please have a look, like and spread the word. Thank you.

Meanwhile: the business ends of a Hero warhammer from Skyrim. WIP

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