Update and second very tall castle

Ok ok -I left it more than a week -grovelling apologies. This is the second of two ink and watercolours I did originally as a commission. The client never collected (matrimonial differences I am told) so I still have them and up until recently lurking unseen in a portfolio.That might also be due to my putting them somewhere safe and we all have those 'safe places' that elude us for ages!

Both this and last weeks image where born out of a discussion at an exhibition 4 years ago. The client spent ages looking at a pencil sketch then after his third visit asked about colour versions,  hence the no longer wanted commissioned paintings. Usual method for my castles: rough sketch on back of mounting board as I was going to do some wet work -watercolour and some ink. They took about a day each and where fun to do . . . note to self: do some more but on an A-size paper.

I hope you like them.
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  1. Hello Hayden, firstly thanks for your kind comment on my art freebies blog. I am glad you found it useful.Also i am delighted you did comment because it means i got to see your fabulous art work. I am a mixed media / collage artist but could never imagine creating something as fantastic as your castles and fantasy work. its brilliant. I will add myself to follow so i come back to see more.
    take care for now

  2. I scanned this picture top to bottom and I must say that I like these very much, the detail and the coloring is absolutely amazing! My favorite parts are the bridges, you are truly a great artist. Sorry that I can't critique the work but I see no noticeable flaws in it.
    I hope you get more followers soon, you definitely deserve them.

  3. I find your work very inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

  4. A beautiful, imaginative drawing. I love the colour choice and got quite dizzy imagining getting up to the top by scrolling slowly up layer by layer :-)


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