More castles

A simple line drawing in one of my styles. Black inkpen on A3 copier paper :)
I will try to get a better copy of this one.

Never finished ... spot the strange clouds courtesy of a cat!
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  1. Mmmm, love love love this one! I'm sure I could come up with a backstory / place entry for a castle out on the water, somewhere in Santharia. Perhaps the capital of one of our duchies? Any chance this one could be finished digitally (puppy eyes)?

    I think one of the things I like best here is the daring use of white space (ok, blue space) with no attempt to clutter or fill up the restful area (though it does need de-felinimbusing).... :)

  2. I shall add that to the list -apart from de-catting the clouds, what would you like to see?
    I'lll msg you properly at Santharia later

  3. Soaring imagination and accomplished artistry - love your work!


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