Custom project: Rammstein box

Custom Rammstein box

We usually make boxes for our customers but this time we've made something for ourselves! We are a team of two designer/makers one of us is a big Rammstein fan. Rammstein are a German rock band and they announced a signing session in London, so we had three days to quickly make a box ready to be signed. Including drying time.

How we've done it:
First we cut the logo out and prime it.

Primed Rammstein logo
Then we take a large wooden box, do the usual sanding and priming. After that we give it a few layers of special paint to make it look like metal. We give it straps and nails, on the bottom we add feet to the corners (two layers of straps) so it doesn't get damaged when moved around.

The bottom of the box
The logo is added and then we dirty the box up.

Done! We've got it signed and they were impressed! What do you think? 

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